The aloha shirts of Wimbledon 2019

The tennis players at Wimbledon are subject to a strict all-white dress code, but the fans are free to choose their own style. I don’t know about you, but when I’m enjoying the serve-and-volleys, I like to sip on a Pimms or three and wear a bold, bright aloha shirt. Today we mark the end of Wimbledon 2019 by looking at some fans who brought the aloha spirit to London.

A veritable tsunami of aloha from these cheeky blokes

This young man in a red aloha shirt with pineapples

Wear it: There is a very similar shirt available from Amazon.

Gentleman in a black shirt with red floral pattern

Wear it: I managed to find a pretty close match at Aloha Funwear.

Superfan in a navy shirt with white and pink floral pattern

Wear it: I couldn’t find a super close match, but shirts in the same vein are available from Aloha Funwear and Avanti Shirts.

Fashionista in a white camp shirt with palm trees and ukulele pattern

Wear it: Not an exact match, but a reasonably close shirt by Pineapple Juice available on Amazon.

Fellow in a navy shirt with white palm trees

Wear it: Closest I could find are these options from Amazon and Proper Cloth.

Disinterested but highly fashionable kid caught reading

Wear it: This was a tough one, long-sleeved aloha shirts are a different beast. I’m ashamed to admit this vertical border shirt from ShakaTime is the closest match I could come up with.

Tennis aficionado in a pale camp shirt

Wear it: Hard to tell exactly what pattern is on this one, but the colors aren’t too far off the beige Pineapple Hut shirt from Avanti.

Front-row man in ‘strawberries and cream’ floral shirt

Wear it: Again, it’s hard to make out the details on this shirt. But Mellow Rose by Avanti looks like it could be a close match.

Distressingly attractive blog author in rayon patterned camp shirt

Wear it: I picked this one up at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. You can get it from Art4Now.



Mowing the grass court in a Hawaiian shirt since 2019