Aloha shirt reading list

If you enjoy this blog and want to learn more about aloha shirts, their history, and the people behind them, you might be interested in these resources.

The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of the Islands - 2016 hardcover coffee-table book by Hawaiian garment industry veteran and aloha shirt authority Dale Hope. Packed with history about the origins and growth of the aloha shirt industry, and brimming with photographs of beautiful vintage Hawaiian shirts.

The Hawaiian Shirt: Its Art and History - 1984 hardcover by Thomas Steele detailing designs, materials, manufacture and collectibility of aloha shirts.

The Art of the Aloha Shirt - 2008 hardcover by DeSoto Brown and Dr. Linda Boynton Arthur reviewing the history, artwork, and cultural niche of aloha shirts and other Hawaiiana.

Hawaiian Shirt Designs - 1997 hardcover by Nancy Schiffer with hundreds of aloha shirt photos, explanation of button styles, and numerous shirt label photographs meant to help identify and date vintage shirts.

Master Book of Hawaiian Shirt 1, 2, and 3 - Late 1990s softcover Japanese “mooks” (half magazine, half book) filled with articles and photographs about aloha shirts. Published by “World Mook,” the content may be in Japanese, but the artistry of the shirts is accessible to all.

Hawai’i Unbuttoned: A Practical Guide to Buying and Selling True-Vintage Hawaiian Shirts - 2009 paperback by Craig Callaway, aimed squarely at those interested in exploring the vintage aloha shirt market, with particular emphasis on effective use of eBay for buying and selling. This one would make a poor coffee table book, but serves as a useful reference to the aspiring collector.

Hawaiian Shirts: Articles of Interest #4 - 2018 podcast episode by Avery Trufelman of 99% Invisible. Episode 4 of Avery’s 6-part mini-series Articles of Interest, she talks about the origins, history, and manufacturing of aloha shirts.