Coronaloha - Hawaiian shirt companies offering face masks in the wake of new CDC guidelines

On April 3, the CDC issued a recommendation that Americans start wearing cloth face coverings when going out in public, in order to slow the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). A number of aloha shirt manufacturers immediately jumped into action, quickly producing runs of colorful aloha-styled masks from scrap shirt fabric. Kudos to these companies for helping us do our part in style, and injecting a bit of whimsy and color into this uncertain time!

Updated April 11, 2020

Hit the image links below to go directly to each brand’s mask page, and consider picking up a shirt or dress while you’re there! Might as well look great while you quarantine at home, and bring a splash of color to the grid of faces on your next video conference call. Is it a faux pas to wear a matching mask/shirt combo to the grocery store? πŸ€”

Tori Richard

Western Aloha
Ky's Hawaiian Shirts

Big Fun Shirt Co.
Two Palms

The companies took to Instagram to announce these unique specialty items:

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This week, the CDC issued new guidance that encourages ALL people to wear masks, even cloth ones! Therefore, we have begun production with a very small crew on thousands of non-medical face masks! ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Because the cost to manufacture these is so low and the NEED in our community is so great, we are committed to providing them for FREE, in the spirit of Aloha.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ To ensure that we share the aloha with as many people as possible, we ask that each family limit themselves to a single order which includes 4 of these reusable, washable fabric masks. We hope to send out thousands of these masks and only ask you to cover the USPS postage cost of $1.00 to mail them to you. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ We wish you and your ohana safety and health. Aloha!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ #toririchard #alohasince1956 #madeinhawaii #vintageprint #resortisastateofmind #ohana #covid19⁠ #aloha

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New Product Alert! Per numerous requests, we have uploaded our Hawaiian Filtration Masks to the website. Few things to note: . . 1. We are NOT selling these for profit. The cost is to cover materials, shipping and tax 2. These are NOT medical grade like the M95 respirator masks. They provide basic filtration and are made with 2 pieces of 100% cotton and 2 pieces of interface 3. Limit of four per order (if you are a business ordering for employees, please DM us) 4. They are reusable and machine washable 5. We are sewing these from scrap fabric of over 20 prints. To speed production time, we will select the fabric used instead of uploading 20 individual prints with 20 separate quantities 6. We have a limited amount right now but will increase the quantity available when more interfacing becomes available 7. Current turn around time is estimated at 5-7 days after payment . #mask #masks #covid #covidkindness #covi̇d19 #facemask #facemasks #facemasktime

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Washable and reusable 3-layer aloha print cotton masks with different print on each side, good for going out and running errands. These are not replacements for N95 masks but are good for reducing the germs you may be spreading when your cough, sneeze, or breathe. This is also not a substitute for social distancing, staying home, or washing your hands thoroughly which are still the best tools we have to flatten the curve and for you not to get infected by the coronavirus. We are selling these in assorted mixed aloha prints in packs of 10, 25, and 100. The manufacturer is making these as quickly as they can but orders may take about 1-3 weeksto ship. #ppe #flattenthecurve #staysafe #aloha

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Initial runs quickly sold out for most manufacturers, but supplies are being replenished.

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Wow, this has been an enormously humbling experience. Within less than a couple of hours, we have received over 6,500 masks orders. With such an overwhelming response, we are back at the drawing board to see how many more we can make. We understand the need, and what a trying time this is, but please know we are doing our best to make sure our community keeps safe while ensuring the safety of our ohana. ⁠ ⁠ We are working with a very limited team and appreciate patience and understanding. Together, we will get through this! ⁠We are navigating through an unprecedented time and doing our best. Mahalo for your support and understanding! ⁠ #toririchard #alohasince1956 #resortisastateofmind #covid19 #facemasks

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