Aloha Spotter

Aloha Spotter is here to document and celebrate aloha shirts in pop culture and the world.

Aloha shirts, known to many simply as “Hawaiian shirts,” are the best kind of shirt. The vivid colors, the breezy cut, the playful-bordering-on-outrageous patterns – these are clothes that look great, and, most importantly, make you feel great wearing them. When was the last time your day was worse because you wore a Hawaiian shirt? Never.

Since their origin in the shops of Chinese and Japanese merchants in 1930s Hawaii, aloha shirts have exploded in popularity worldwide and evolved to become an iconic feature of the American wardrobe. Over the decades they have alternately been embraced, mocked, cherished, and sterotyped, but today we are in the midst of an aloha fashion renaissance. Celebrities wear them. Presidents wear them. I wear them. You should wear them.

This is what Aloha Spotter is here to do – capture and comment on those moments where aloha shirts come to the fore through film, TV, public figures, and beyond.

I’m your author, Lincoln, and I hope you enjoy the site!

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